Useful telephone numbers:-

Northlink Ferries: 0845 6000 449

Pentland Ferries: 01856 831226

Orkney Ferries: 01856 811397 

Stromabank: 01856 701494 Email


STROMNESS to HOUTON PIER - 8 miles approx

Leave Stromness on the A965 to KIRKWALL

About 3 miles out of Stromness you will see a RIGHT turn signposted A964, FERRY and ORPHIR

You will be travelling up hill, around a tight bend and steeply down hill to another bend/junction with the sea on your right at all times. As you come off the "tight" bend you will see the ferry terminal below and to your right, at the bottom of the hill turn RIGHT at the FERRY & WATERSIDE HOUSE signpost.

KIRKWALL to HOUTON PIER - 10 miles approx

From Co-op, Lidl or Tesco Supermarkets

Turn RIGHT out of the supermarket, turn RIGHT at the roundabout, RIGHT again on to A964 signpost ORPHIR

Continue through ORPHIR, 30 mile speed limit, and on to HOUTON PIER. About 9 miles out, 1 mile from Houton, you will see the bay ahead and to the left The Houton Inn, a large low building with red tiled roof which is adjacent to the ferry terminal.

A short distance before the right bend and up hill road you will see a FERRY signpost, at this point if you proceed straight ahead you will leave the main road and continue down to the Ferry terminal, "technically" a left turn

Lyness to Stromabank

From the ferry terminal proceed to the T junction and turn left

Drive for about 8 miles, the sea will always be on your LEFT

After about 8 miles you will come to the Ayr a man made causeway. At the beginning of the Ayr/causeway you will see a signpost right to BRIMS and the LIFEBOAT MUSEUM, orientation note only DO NOT turn right

Continue across the Ayr, the sea will be on your LEFT and RIGHT, and proceed straight ahead up the hill, "technically" a RIGHT turn off the main road, proceed up the hill and just over the second rise you will find Stromabank on your LEFT

IF you miss the up hill turn off - continue through the village of Longhope to the Medical Centre, turn RIGHT between the Medical Centre & Fire Station, drive up the hill and turn LEFT, the entrance to Stromabank will be around 50 yards on your LEFT

Safe journey!